Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lazy day

It's a lazy day. A day to meander and wander, to explore the ever green hills and ivy-supporting trees on the country lanes. Plus, the sun is shinning. They said snow but really, what does the met office know?

We left early and made our way to Ballymaloe House, the place it all started as far as Ballymaloe and the empire it has become is concerned. Where Myrtle Allan chose local ingredients to go on her menus and as some people say is really the founder of the whole Ballymaloe organic/local producer love.

It's as picturesque as you can imagine. A long drive way winding up to the big house. Deep, dark, brown earth tilled, splitting and ready for seed to be sown on each side. The sun shinning and making icicles out of cobwebs.

A walk on the beach follows with an icy salt tang in the air. All that is needed now is food, which is where the English Market comes back into play. The 15 or so cheeses we tried yesterday and whittled down to 3 are now part of mezzo starter plate. Hot smoked chilli salmon from Frank Hedermen, a traditional irish fish smoker, is on the plate too. Oh and those locally marinated greek olives could be thrown in the mix too (if we don't eat them first)

Sounds like a good preparation to me for tomorrow, no?

Knives at the ready!

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