A smile is free

To bring a little bit more happiness to the world, I thought I would make a list of free things to do that make people smile…

  1. Smile!
  2. give them a hug
  3. tickle tickle tickle
  4. make the hand face..works like a charm
  5. pick a flower and give it away (beware boys as there is a fine line between creepy and nice!)
  6. pro irish jig dancer? thought not..thats why it'll make them smile
  7. write someone a letter. You remember, they're the things you stick a stamp to and send
  8. take someone for a skip down the street
  9. playing a favourite song
10. try out accents

What are some of your favourite ways to make people smile?

Here are some images that make me smile every time!

Rat outside the front of the Hacienda, isn´t she cute?

love the textures: stone, wood and cotton

getting my business cards really made me feel that I was on my way