30 before 30..

This is another one of those 'copy cat' moments but it's just too much fun to do!

  1. be happy (sooo ongoing!)
  2. learn to let go
  3. skydive
  4. bungy jump
  5. climb machu pichu
  6. visit the Galapagos Islands
  7. sleep in an ice hotel
  8. ride an elephant
  9. learn how to ride a horse, again
10. learn to play polo
11. learn another language
12. learn not to eat a whole jar of nutella
13. learn how to make the perfect soufflé
14. buy my mum her ideal present without asking
15. fall in love
16. get a fashionista haircut
17. learn how to put mascara on without it going all over my eye lid
18. sail in a tall ships race
19. do a triathlon
20. sunbathe on a nudist beach (very daunting!)
21. learn to understand that if someone is mean to me, it's not always my fault
22. be braver
23. travel india
22. become a pilates instructor
23. make a series of ceramic crockery
24. stroke a giraffe
25. learn how to make creamed rice ice-cream
26. make a plastic sculpture
27. be more patient
28. learn how to upholster furniture well
29. sing like an angel (haha, i wish)
30. own a chocolate factory

Still so many to get done and only just over a year to do them…best get cracking.
What does your 30 before 30 look like??

There are some wonderfully beautiful bloggers and other internet peeps out there who have made their own lists which I found whilst making my own list, check 'em out..

Sofia's Journal
Blueberries 'n' Strawberries

And since then after viewing this I thought that what I really was after was doing a 30 things I want to photograph before I'm 30…some things are on my above list but hey…

  1. Galapagos Islands
  2. Great Wall of China
  3. Gangees
  4. my wedding
  5. somebody crying with joy
  6. somebody laughing so much they can't function properly
  7. a caterpilla emerging as a butterfly
  8. my chickens laying eggs
  9. my mum and me
10. the birth of something..a baby, a puppy, a kitten
11. a starfish
12. fireflies
13. a shooting star
14. the frogs that sing outside my house at night after a big rain
15. a whale shark
16. swimming in the sea
17. a starfish
18. butterflies
19. a sail boat
20. the great barrier reef
21. all my animals sitting nice and still and together!
22. a concert
23. bluebells
24. Uluru 
25. my grandmother and me
26. dolphins
27. lions
28. ice cream
29. friends
30. life in Mexico