Saturday, 12 January 2013

Corks' English Market

Our first day off, yes. Really. I can't quite believe it and seeing as most people went to the pub (returning at 4am) I think they are quite happy! A friend and I set off relatively early with the sun behind us, trying to push through the greying clouds, the emerald grass sparkling from the midnight rain that I missed having fallen asleep early to get over the lurgy that has managed to wangle its way into my busy schedule.

It was so wonderful to be off for the day. No wait, thats wrong. I don't want a day off cooking. It's nice to see the daylight. Yes, that's what it is. The daylight. Nice to feel the fresh air in the middle of the day. Nice but I'm glad I only have two days of it a week.

The English Market is a wonderful food medley. I'm proud to say that I only tried Irish cheeses. I say 'only' very lightly as there were about 15 so it was a pretty good tasting session!
Looking forward to next weekend and what else is to come.

Knives at the ready!

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