Sunday, 28 August 2011

Want to apologize or the rubbish photo quality. My photos are actually great naif you click on them so they appear on a separate page, you will see! But in the meantime if anyone has any tips for me about making them look good on the actual page, please help. I'm using an iPad and it just seems rubbish for blogging photots.
Again, I repeat. I'm sorry.

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My dear France

My travels have began and this week I find myself in the South of France in a town called St Raphael. Turns out when I was a wee bubba, I lived not 2hours away. Now I'm wondering why my parents ever left. It is quite literally, the perfect weather, the houses are so nice with their beautiful old style shutters, the food (obviously) is amazing and your so close to Italy it makes for a glorious day trip.
Which, as it turns out, we did yesterday! Pizza, rose and the beach. Pretty darn perfect!

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Just a quick one today

For those of you who have been in this country for the last couple of years will probably already know...for those of us who haven't I'm super duper pleased to say that the fantastic peeps at River Cottage have come up with a land share idea. It really is fantastic.
Main gist is, you want to grow veggies but have no land or space. Mr George down the road has a massi back garden or a few spare acres, you get together and share! Fantastic right!
So get onto the website to find out if you can share your land or if some kind soul will let you use their land.
Happy days!

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Friday, 19 August 2011

Woodland walks

And who said feeling ill is and excuse not to do anything? Today was forest day as it turned out and I couldn't help feeling a little like Goldilocks walking through the woods. Living in the tropics I had completely forgotten about that un-mistakable Fir tree smell and the the fantastic way collecting fir cones makes you feel like your hunting for bounty.
Not only the majestic Fir trees on show but there was all sorts of fabuloso stuff around, snails and slugs with their trails and amazing mushrooms....if only I knew which were safe and which were not!

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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Rhubarb crumble

I hope everyone is fine half way through the week? I, unfortunately have a stinking cold, cough and all that goes with it. Which I'll be honest, is NOT fun. But no fear, my dear Mama felt it her motherly responsibility to make me crumble...something that always cheers me up. Oh yes, lots of cream please.

Still in love with my camera, I couldn't help struggling off the sofa in front of the fire to snap away and here it is.

Clean and was the rhubarb, I used about 9pieces but had enough left to make stewed rhubarb

Crumble topping, butter, flour and a bit of sugar blended together. We don't use exact quantities as we do it by feel but there are plenty of recipes on the web you can find.

Cut into similar size pieces....amazing colours huh!?

Place topping on top and shove in the oven still the crumble topping is golden brown and the fruit is bubbling up. Probably 180 for half an hour but just keep checking....enjoy!

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Monday, 15 August 2011

Happy Monday peeps. Hope it's nice and fun wherever you are and everyone is happy clappy.
Here are just a few of things I love this week...what are yours?

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

It's all about the seaside.

I love love love anything beach. The sand in your pants, the ice cream cones, the drift wood, shells and the sense of freedom that comes with the waves crashing on one side, the breeze blowing through you hair and like today, the sun.
It was, glorious. Just beautiful. I've only been back 3days in the UK so obviously not that acclimatized hence the 3 layers,boots and jeans but it was divine.

We had breakfast on the beach, people were walking their dogs, the sun was shining, the surfers were out and I really appreciated being in the UK. So, thanks to my new camera (LX5) which I love, love to death as in do you take this camera for better or worse love. And my new app snapseed I got a litle carried away but enjoy...hope you had a great sunny day!

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Friday, 12 August 2011

What's new colour cat?

It's all about prints for me this week and especially prints in blue and red. I'm finding most of the stuff I'm looking at has a middle eastern theme to it. Me loves it!

I found these amazing envelopes in the back of a drawer in my Mother's house and, like the next oldie, I am a huge fan of writing letters, receiving letters...generally anything that you can rip open with hand written fronts (ha to you bills!)

And these fabrics....yum! I'm already picturing myself in front of my trusty sewing machine ready to make cushions to be put on big rattan pillows in the gardens...oh, summer how I adore thee

Are you getting a middle eastern vibe yet? I just love this old quite rough around the edges fabric that I totally forgot my mother has...and luckily for me, clever lady has decided to make it into one of those foot things to rest your weary soles.

I'm not sure what this was or is because all I have managed to find was a square of this paper...wallpaper maybe?

This on the other hand I know for shizzle that it's wallpaper, the problem being i have no idea who made it (hopefully makes it still!). If anyone out there knows can you help me out as I desperately want more...thanks!

What are your favorite prints this week?

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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Yep, it's official. I've given up.

It's official, I've given up as doing my Sunday colour. I'm sorry but hey ho. With my Internet connection and traveling I'm just breaking promises and let's face it, who wants that.

Right, now that's done I want to next say that I have officially flown back to Europe (starting with the UK) and I'm horrified at what's going on all over England. Mindless vandalism and thuggery, it's really distressing that the future generations of this awesome country are going to be known not for it's distinguished behavior, honesty and dignity but for violence, crime and horridness. I have no sympathy for these rioters, and this is purely my opinion without meaning to offend anyone. But, let's face it your not doing anyone least of all yourselves a favor. A friend of mine told me over the phone yesterday 'speaking to a rioter he told me that he's looting so he can get his taxes back'. Really???
My feelings go out to those of us who are standing up for their streets, standing up against these rioters and are showing them that what they are doing is NOT right. If I was down south I hope that I would have the guts to stand up too.

Ok, now onto some hopefully nicer things yet keeping with the theme of creepiness here are some of the amazing bugs I have found in the last couple of days....

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My very first...

Okey dokey, here it comes, my DIY page…and I promise you as a total new-be I will be so much better at organising and making everything look super pretty and if anyone has any hints on making photos look good from an Ipad perlease tell me!

Where I am it is famous for this stuff called Hennequin, a cactus which back in the day was actually the product used to make the first rope (yes, I am history master! haha). We in the Europe world know it as hessian, not sure what Americans call it but, if you find out let me know!
There is so much of the stuff and it is sooo sustainable that they practically give it away and so, I could´t resist picking up a couple of meters to play around with.

The result was these fantastic little bags (easy to put handles on if you wanted) and which I use from taking my organic veggies to the clients, as bins in my guest rooms (obviously not the same ones I take veggies in) and much much more. Everyone seems to love them and everyone seems to want one.
And so, drum roll please, the first person who joins my blog (ah bribery huh?!?!) will get one of these in the post…

Using bright coloured thread to sew up the edges adds texture at the same time as really making the bag stand out