Thursday, 11 August 2011

Yep, it's official. I've given up.

It's official, I've given up as doing my Sunday colour. I'm sorry but hey ho. With my Internet connection and traveling I'm just breaking promises and let's face it, who wants that.

Right, now that's done I want to next say that I have officially flown back to Europe (starting with the UK) and I'm horrified at what's going on all over England. Mindless vandalism and thuggery, it's really distressing that the future generations of this awesome country are going to be known not for it's distinguished behavior, honesty and dignity but for violence, crime and horridness. I have no sympathy for these rioters, and this is purely my opinion without meaning to offend anyone. But, let's face it your not doing anyone least of all yourselves a favor. A friend of mine told me over the phone yesterday 'speaking to a rioter he told me that he's looting so he can get his taxes back'. Really???
My feelings go out to those of us who are standing up for their streets, standing up against these rioters and are showing them that what they are doing is NOT right. If I was down south I hope that I would have the guts to stand up too.

Ok, now onto some hopefully nicer things yet keeping with the theme of creepiness here are some of the amazing bugs I have found in the last couple of days....

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