Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My very first...

Okey dokey, here it comes, my DIY page…and I promise you as a total new-be I will be so much better at organising and making everything look super pretty and if anyone has any hints on making photos look good from an Ipad perlease tell me!

Where I am it is famous for this stuff called Hennequin, a cactus which back in the day was actually the product used to make the first rope (yes, I am history master! haha). We in the Europe world know it as hessian, not sure what Americans call it but, if you find out let me know!
There is so much of the stuff and it is sooo sustainable that they practically give it away and so, I could´t resist picking up a couple of meters to play around with.

The result was these fantastic little bags (easy to put handles on if you wanted) and which I use from taking my organic veggies to the clients, as bins in my guest rooms (obviously not the same ones I take veggies in) and much much more. Everyone seems to love them and everyone seems to want one.
And so, drum roll please, the first person who joins my blog (ah bribery huh?!?!) will get one of these in the post…

Using bright coloured thread to sew up the edges adds texture at the same time as really making the bag stand out

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