Monday, 3 June 2013

Super bright, super food salad

I've started my job. It's pretty good so far. Nobody's died from food poisoning, nor have they had food poisoning I should add. And I'm rocking out between 5-7 new and individual dishes every single day. When I'm not working I've been walking in the countryside. Did I mention I'm living in the middle of a field? It's pretty nice and, considering I found a glut of wild garlic (that I'm calling mine just incase you thought of following me) I'm happy.

This salad came about because I liked the colours. Sorry. It's that simple. But. You know what, it really really really works. It has a summery zing of freshness and the colours can't help but make you happy!

There are three ingredients. Please ignore the onions in the photos but next time I would leave out the onion. You can of course put it in and it did work overall but I think I like the simplicity of only three ingredients.

First lets start off with pumpkin seeds. These nutty little green things are a powerhouse of goodness. This is definitely one for the men. For the male prostrate gland these are the most nourishing things you can eat thanks to their high levels of magnesium and zinc. Pumpkin seeds or pepitos are mainly made up of myosin. Now, myosin is the chief protein that makes up all of the muscles in our body. Pretty cool huh!

Give them a quick dry roast in a saucepan to release that deep sweet nut flavour.

Next, let's talk next about the bright orange veggie that is the sweet tasting carrot. Did you know that apart from beetroots they contain the most sugar out of any vegetable?

When consumed in large amounts this orange stick is considered one of the best detoxifiers. Not only do they contain huge and easy to digest amounts of vitamins, minerals and enzymes but they are also great for the liver and your digestive tract. Now, when your Mum told you that carrots made you see in the dark, she may have been slightly overstating their amazing qualities but, good quality carrots are antioxidant beta carotene rich which is a pre cursor to Vit A which, is beneficial to the eyes. Clever Mum!

And finally (if you forget the onions) is red cabbage. This vegetable amazes me every time and I really do find myself mesmerised by the curly wurly pieces when cut. Natural art. Raw cabbage, whether it be red or green is a great for detoxifying the stomach and upper bowls of waste which obviously gives you better digestion. With its sulphur and iron content it's a winner for those of us with bad circulation. And, due to its alkalisation properties its great for people with bad skin. 

I made a simple orange juice dressing which was as easy as juicing 2 oranges, mixing it with some olive oil (1:2 ratio) and salt and pepper.
I made this salad for 12 and went through 10 carrots, ¾ of a red cabbage and 2 handful of toasted pumpkin seeds. I'd say, if you were doing it for four, go with 4 carrots, ¼ cabbage and a small handful of seeds. I grated the carrots and chopped the cabbage finely against the grain.

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