Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I've been away

I hope you have, but that you're not mad. I promise I was away scouting the world for tasty treats, tidbits and a tan. It wasn't easy, but someone has to do it right?

After completing the last couple of days at Camp Cavan with Neven, Sharon, Jo and the rest of the team I headed off to Palma de Mallorca. I've been before and loved it. In the sense that if someone offered me an apartment I would be there, like yesterday. It's an old town with the biggest Superyacht marina in the world. Pretty darn fancy (or it can be if you forget Magaluf)

I walked around, went for coffee, I always seemed to find my way to my new favourite cafe, The Room in Santa Catalina. Please visit if you can. It's a modern mix of easy style furniture on an old street with the Grannys and Grandpas walking around, sitting on their doorstop and generally running a muck!

It was lovely to be back in markets where the colours were so vibrant. Don't get me wrong, Cork has the English Market, Dublin has many all of which which are fan-bloody-tastic but it's cold, miserable and kind of grey on a regular basis. Imagine if the sun was shinning down, making every colour brighter, every smell stronger, everyone friendlier. There's just something about it. About a market in the sun.

We went to the beach and saw the boats, we played with the puppies and ate lots of food. There were a couple of days of really sunny weather in which I think I have turned one shade darker although, being half Indian, I still look albino!

I caught up with friends, walked the streets and tried to make menu plans. Honestly it was a little tough,  having to think about my soon to appear responsibilities and all that grown up stuff that come with my new job when the sun was shinning, the beach was calling and my friends were talking. Don't worry though, I worked as well! For a long time I have realised I meant to live a warm weather country but truth be told, until I had spent the last 4 months in Ireland I still was not convinced. I am now.

So now I'm back in Ireland at the Castle. The prep has been done, the shopping been shopped and I'm waiting for the bosses to turn up. The nerves are zinging (yes, it's a word) but I'm excited for a new challenge. Personally I think challenges are good.

In the meantime though, until the job finishes and I can head off towards sunshine. I have memories of the sun. Let's hope for a sunny Irish summer…

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