Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Second Smoking

Last week, I was lucky enough to do work experience in the kitchen with the crew at Fenns Quay restaurant in Cork city. What a great team of people who care that what comes out of their kitchen is as local as it can be, good quality and beautifully presented. The head chef Kate is a power house of ideas and vision. She is a great cook, teacher and now my friend.

We all know how my obsession with smoking is gaining in strength and at Fenns Quay they do some cool things with Earl Grey, a blow torch and salmon. So guess who volunteered their services to do this  weeks?? You got it, yours truly.

Here's the process.

Line a tray with salt and dill (or herb of your choice). Lay your pieces of salmon down. Sprinkle with tea of your choice, they use Early Grey.

Cover with more salt and herbs. Leave over night and then wash off the salt.
Pop the salmon back in a tray and wrap it up ¾ with cling film, not touching the salmon. In a little dish put some more Earl Grey tea leaves and get out the blow torch.

Once you get a good colour from the tea leaves, wrap the cling film around the gap as quick as poss. Leave for about half an hour and repeat. The more you repeat, the stronger the taste!

And voila, smoked Early Grey Salmon. Yum.


  1. Sounds fabulous! I recently used Earl Gray whilst boiling some pasta to add that hint of bergamot to underscore a light cream sauce, super yummy!
    Your process makes me want to try it with guajillo chili shreds! I do love guajillo chilis.
    Continue to enjoy!

  2. That looks like so much fun! Hope your new adventures are going well, miss you! Sophie xx