Saturday, 27 April 2013

Celariac Slaw

This week has been jam packed full of new adventures for me. I've been lucky enough to work with three super duper talented food related people. First up, the amazing food stylist Sharon Hearne-Smith who has worked with some big named chefs in the industry, second is the talented chef Neven Maguire who owns MacNean House in Blacklion and thirdly the fantastic photographer Joanne Murphy. It's been a big big week. Big for me, for my career and for this new path my life is taking.

Before I left home to set sail well, start the ferry engine back to Ireland my talented cook of a Mum made me one of my favourite dishes. Celariac slaw. I love the peppery fieriness, the way the little grated pieces make me think of grated clouds and the memories this slaw evokes of picnics at our house in the South of France and sitting on our 'magic carpet' picnic blanket, summer evenings with a fire and music and friends. Always friends.

This salad works well in the winter as well as in the summer due to the spicy nuttiness of the celeriac and the mustard powder.  Celariac is one of those ugly vegetables that doesn't really look like much but has such a punch and kick not only in flavour but in goodness that it's worth plucking these from the veggie stall.
It's known for it's diuretic qualities and is especially useful for those with kidney stones and arthritic conditions. It's also supposed to be beneficial to the urinary, lymphatic and nervous systems. Good all round then!

As for the recipe, it could not be easier. It uses 4 ingredients. Thats it.

Serves 4 as part of a main:
350g celariac, skinned and grated
1-2 tsps of mustard powered, sieved (try 1 to start and then if you want it more peppery put the other in)
6 tbsps of natural non sweet yoghurt.
½ a lemon squeezed (more if needed)

First off, sieve mustard powder and add to the yoghurt. Mix well and taste. Adjust if you want it more fiery, remember that celeriac has a spicy punch to it!

Grate the celeriac into the yoghurt/mustard mix and pour lemon juice over. This will stop it from discolouring and also adds a little 'je ne said quoi'.

Mix well and keep in the fridge. It will last for a couple of days and works well with fish or meat. Enjoy!


  1. great tips for making delicious recipe . thank you very much

  2. You are so welcome! Thank you for your lovely comment. Hope you keep reading as I'll be posting more and more recipes.

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