Friday, 5 April 2013

Oh bonny Scotland

Has it really been almost a week since the end of Ballymaloe? It's hard to believe that my life doesn't involve chef whites, a very (non) attractive hat and my knife set every day. After having to leave Ireland early, cue tears and sobs, due to illness I find myself back in Scotland and being welcomed ecstatically by the puppy. Although no cooking as such. Just typing seems like hard work right now!

Not only have I seemed to have put on a few pounds but so has the puppy…naughty mum for spoiling her!

The weather has been glorious albeit I can't go outside to enjoy. But I am looking forward to planting the wild garlic I have in a pot. Taking the puppy for long walks around the cliff tops and receiving the book Whole Foods Companion by Dianne Onstad.

A trip is planned to the West Coast to see family and then it's back to Ireland for work…I can't tell you how excited I am. I promise recipes will follow as soon as I'm out of my sick bed and back into the real world! Promise.

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  1. so just what nasty illness caused you to bug out early, and keeps you from going on walkabout with the puppy?