Thursday, 10 November 2011

Oh how I've missed you...

Yes it's true. I can´t quite believe how slack I am (minds out the gutter people) in not writing for so long.
A lot has happened since my last blog and I'm going to give you a quick but obviously thrilling overview…
First off. Wild strawberry picking…bangarang. They may not look like much but for those of you who have picked your own wild berries. You simply can´t beat the taste! I was, like any good granddaughter, weeding my Gran's garden and happened to come across these little beauts. Now being that I'm allergic but not in the I'm going to die kind of way, (phew) I just could´t resist. It was worth the puffy face for 10 hours. Honestly.

Second. My Europe trip has come to an end. Sniff sniff.  I managed to visit lots of friends and family, one being on the West Coast of Scoltand. Booootiful! Gosh, really really lovely. And on the up side am back in Mexico for 2 months before I pack my bags, well ok, they`re already packed, and set off to god knows where to do god knows what. But that's the exciting bit isn´t it!? I mean the world really is my oyster. Minus the slime and grains of sand in your teeth. But it is mine. Things I know I don´t want to do? Work in an someones tea maiden…I really just want to gain experience from someone else OR start something else again…so who knows.

Day of the Dead happened just as I was getting back which as usual is Awesome! Here it is not trick or treating, it is a two day celebration where you make alters to your loved ones that have passed. Cook their favourite food for them and invite round friends and family who knew them to talk about memories of that person. A really lovely tradition if I must say so myself!

My animals were in hyper mode seeing me again. Always nice when one is remembered by ones pets!! They are so adorable. All rescues and I need to find them some good homes, unfortunately I'm not made of millions so cannot take them with me, plus quarantine..not fair.

I've been learning some new recipes from my Uncle who is vegan and I will soon be posting about nut milk etc…it rocks. Literally.

So here are a few photos for you motley crew.
Happy days!

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