Sunday, 20 November 2011

Land of Tequila

Mexico. To some that word evokes a scene of violence, drugs and heat. To those of us that live here Mexico means colour, vibrancy and tequila. Ok, and heat.
Arriving back to Mexico in August is no small thing. Where I live, the heat will literally melt the skin from your bones. An instant cold to hot. An instant assault to the senses. In a good way.
We're at the end of rainy season at the moment and although the nights are getting cooler, the days are most definitely the perfect heat. Gone is the humidity. Well, most of the time. Back are the bright blue skies that are mesmerising. Back too, are the friends I missed dearly no matter how good my travels were. And of course my animals. Back is the mix of bright eclectic colours that not only knock your senses into an artists palate but are also a heady dose of 'It's my wall and I'll paint it the colour I want'. Back to my life is the meld of old and new. It's beautiful. Lovely to be home.

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