Sunday, 18 September 2011

Be mine Bahrain

Oh sweet Lordy. I love this country. Take away the fact that it's piping hot and there's never a cloud in the sky. Take away the fact that the Arab world has a bad rep and what do you have? An awesomely awesome country. Now I hear a little yelling in the back there shouting about that it isn't a democracy, the women are forced to cover up blahdy blah blah. But hold on folks. Actually, what this means is that nobody is poor, everybody has the right to an education (including women and they get it), everybody has the right to health care and they get it, most of the women want to cover up as a respect to their bodies/husbands and there is no crime. Literally no crime!

Can I go on record and say that the sheik, however rich the dude is (and having seen his camels I can tell you, the dude is rich) loves, loves, loves his countrymen and his country. And this is THE important factor when it comes to non democratic lands.

For those of us who live in a democratic world I ask you this. Do you really feel like your rulers listen to your needs? I ain't talking about needs as in crackberries and designer clothing. I'm talking about your health needs, your educational needs....really, do they? In my heart of hearts I say no.
I'm not saying that democracy is bad, it's all gravy when, the rulers actually do right by their people and not squander the people's money or, only make laws when it benefits backers back pockets. What I'm saying is here, it works. Just because it's not like other 'western' countries you shouldn't just pass it off as wrong or bad.

Not only that but it's tan all year round, food is amazzzzinggggg and well, your surrounded by water (no one mention the word tsunami).

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