Saturday, 10 September 2011

In the middle of somewhere

Yes, so I know I'm late and I know that I'm rubbish at making all my spaces into lovely beautiful areas but, I have not found one, not one tutorial that speaks human! So firstly a cry for help...I want to learn how to make my blog pretty, flowing and so my pictures don't appear blurry (click on them and they come up a beaut!). Help me please, I'm doing this from an iPad on blogpress.

Second off, I'm in Kyrgyzstan...have you heard of it? I certainly had not but don't be fooled people, this country (formerly Soviet owned) is stunning. Big sprawling mountains tempting you to walk up high to reach the snow peaks, amazing dessert land where floppy eared donkeys roam around together and salt water lakes that never freeze surrounded by sandy beaches. Somewhat Bavarian forests and Swiss chalets give the whole country a feeling of not knowing where it is itself.
Speak to the people and it's either in Russian or I speak those! But friendly and charming they are. Similar to Mexico in that there are no rules on the road, fresh produce can be bought on the sides of the road and things are cheap, it's literally a great place if your outdoorsy. Horseback trekking in the mountains (my bottom is rather sore!), camping under snowy peaks, swimming and skiing can all be done year round. And cheap. Get the chance to stay in a Yurt and hallelujah! Downfall is that the cooking is not great, they may have the produce but sure as hell don't know what to do with it!

All in all though it's been an amazing week and would seriously consider coming back for more...

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