Monday, 11 July 2011

My week in colours...

I'm hoping to make this my weekly Sunday moment… I'm hoping because a) I'll have internet and b) I'll remember.
This week has been a pretty hectic Mother arrived on her yearly holiday..a few tears arrived when she walked through the airport doors…it has been a year so forgive me! We had a group come for lunch which was fun (you'll see what we served down below), I had a couple coming to stay who will hopefully be coming to manage the hacienda from December onwards and we had my Mothers b'day party…phew.

I hope you enjoy some of the blues…we did!

Loving the turquoise of the wood door against the white of the stone

Birthday flowers for Mater, loving the classic blue and white mexican pottery with the wild flowers

Don't these look amazing! Pecan and chocolate ganash with dragon fruit and mint cups…wow

This is what was served to our lunchers on Thursday.

Loving the stripes of our napkins

We found this homage to the Virgin of Guadalupe on the road home…beautiful

Can you see the moon? Night sky out in the country.

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