Monday, 4 July 2011

The animals

Living in the country means that I have enough space to have lots of animals and good job too as I adore them. Plus the fact that living in a developing country means that expenses are super low!
In Mexico there are huge numbers of animals that are left to their own devices and as such are often in pretty bad shape…ergo my weakness. ´Rescues´. I'm proud to say that all my animals are rescues that I've found on the street at some where or other and  I'm embarrassed to say that yes, I've done the talking like a proud new Mum about them. Thankfully, I've stopped. I've bought them new collars on birthdays too, no I do not dress them up and to be frank, heaven help me if I do!

But I thought I would show you some photos of each of my animals (before and after) so you can see how happy and healthy they are now compared to before…

Rat has grown into a very particular dog - she growls when she wants cuddles, she picks up her food in individual biscuits and carries it off to eat and loves more than anything to put her head on your tummy..
Check out the awesome traditional tiles in the house!



Monkey on the other hand is a right rascal…hence her name Cheeky Monkey! I found her whilst driving home one day and saw her walking towards cars that came her way…. I couldn´t stop myself from picking her up! This was her first meal she had with me and could not eat it fast enough! She looks a bit of a spacker in the 2nd photo but she was getting up at the time..notice how she's sticking her tongue out at me!

And this is Cat. Yes, I know, I know, very original. But I am not a cat person. This little minx though I found on the road next to her dead Mum…could I leave her there? Oh no. In the pic on the left the cushion she is on is about 10inches wide…tiny!

There are some advantages to living in the country…it's great to watch the dogs running around playing at sunset in the gardens….bliss.

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