Saturday, 2 July 2011

Down the garden path...

At my place we grow as much organic yumminess as we can. Not only for us but for guests and we're quite proud to say that we're the only ones in the state doing that. The rains are upon us here in Mexico and soon most of the produce we have will either go to seed too quick to be worth the effort or their poor little roots will get waterlogged so I thought seeing as I'm out and about making up hampers I'd show you some of our tasty treats and tell you some of my favourite ways to eat them!

This is quite simply best eaten freshly cut and washed with a splattering of olive oil and rock salt…yum

For me I can´t beat chard roughly chopped and sautéed for 3mins in butter then eaten with wild rice and soy sauce

My favourite type of raddish, not too spicy but not subtle either. Topped and tailed then dipped into a wonderful mix of lemon juice (takes the spice away) and salt (heightens the taste).

'So, chiles' I hear you say rather nervously..haha, I was like that too. But Mexico is the land of in this photo we have 5 types ranging from sweet (the almost white ones) to spicy (the green one at the back) to mild (the red one) and everything in between. I love spice and my favourite thing to do is make a fizzy mango, lemon and chile juice with lots of ice. The BEST on a hot hot day.

These bad boys are so popular over here. They are a flat type of squash with yellow flesh and I love the way their leaves are. You can't really see but they are almost velvety (must get my camara skills in order). Split open with seeds taken out then roasted with olive oil and garlic (skin side down) then sprinkled with lemon zest…oh bad boy indeed.

Ah, I love these cucs. Sweet and tangy like a lemon with the coolness of a cucumber. Deliciously delicious peeled and mixed with fresh greek yoghurt, black pepper and mint. WOW.

Anyone got veggies growing in their garden or in a pot on the window sill? Would love to hear what your growing and your favourite way to eat it!

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