Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A weekend away

And what a weekend it was. With temperatures of over 25C there were plenty of red bodies wandering half nakedly around. And I managed to find myself in County Wexford. Famous for the little red beauties that are strawberries.

There we were, windows down, bombing from beach to pub back to beach again. A quick stop at the worlds oldest operating lighthouse was amazing and the views! Wow. Who knew Irish waters could be clear and turquoise. Turquoise enough to put my Mexican Caribbean to shame. Amazed I am. Totally amazed.

We visited the oldest operating lighthouse in the world, did an hours walk around it and then climbed up to the top. Notice my matching jumper…?!

We visited Loftus Hall, supposedly the most haunted house this end of the world. I didn't see a ghost but hey. The legend has it that a family was staying there at the owners request. The young daughter, Anne, was lonely and bored. So when a dark and handsome stranger came a knocking guess what?! So One night they are playing cards, Anne drops one (I'm pretty sure she was trying to flirt!) and sees to her horror a cloven hoof. Now I'm not exactly sure what this is and I'm kind of wandering why she or anyone for that matter, hadn't noticed before when they were walking around but hey. So she screams, passes out and he flies out the roof. Which has never been able to be repaired. She wakes up mad as a hatter and a couple of years later kills herself and now haunts the house. 

We made daisy chains and sat in the sun. Ate plenty of food and ice cream and oh, it was good to get away. Good to be in the sun and enjoying. Long live the summer I say.

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  1. The story is now gonna haunt me...
    But, the pics are so cool. I especially like the black and white top with the black and white lighhouse. Stunning..