Sunday, 10 March 2013

That time again. In keeping with a fish theme, let's fillet a squid. This is by far, and I really mean that, the easiest thing to fillet. 

First you need to get your hands around the head (between the eyes and the body) and pull. You're looking to pull the head along with all the insides out. Don't be squeamish, get stuck in! Then cut between the tentacles and the eyes, preferably as close to the eyes as you can get.

Next grab a hold of the quill and pull it out (squids are called the 'oceans writers')

Next it's time to peel off the wings and then the skin (that speckledy stuff)

Now all that is left is to give it a wash and chop it up. Pat on the back, you did it!

This was my version of Squid'n'Chips (with sweet chilli sauce)


  1. Wow! You Squid'n'chips looks so adorable! That all looks so neatly done. I've never tried anything like squid before, what sort of texture is it?

    Also, I finally did the Liebster award you nominated me for! Come check it out!

    - Nin

  2. Thanks Nin! Squid is, hmmm, kind of squidgey and rubbery but by far the easiest seafood to fillet! No bones etc there is hardly any waste.

    Yay for your Liebster post!

  3. So interesting! And somehow, your photos made it look glam and not at all icky. xxx

  4. Thanks Catherine although if you try, be prepared for a small amount of icky-ness!x