Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pet Travel Scheme

So, with all this dust and work happening on my house, I have also been very stressed in trying to find tickets, vaccines and all the shabing I need to get the puppy back to England.
First off, England governement (defra) have been super duper fantastic and so helpful. They are very well informed, they always give the same information and you couldn't ask for a better help line!
But, and yes, there always seems to be a but doesn´t there! Now, Contintental/United have been very very unhelpful.
First I can buy my own pets ticket, it will only cost $559 usd and she can be on the same plane with me. Then I phone back with all the info I need to give them (size and weight of her + crate), all the paper work in order and it turns out that 'oh, well actually M'am, you can´t buy our own pets ticket and it's actually going to cost you almost $1500usd and you'll have to pay a handlers fee in Mexico'. Ummmm, helloooooo!! Get your facts straight people!

So now, I have to do all the running around to find the cheapest handler and out of which city is the best. Turns out puppy can't get through on the same flight as me. In fact even though there are two flights a day flying into the UK she can only be put on the flight at night which arrives at 6.30am and yep, you got it. Muggins here has to pay an out of office fee!

Oh yeah. It's been very very fun and still not done.

Here is a cute picture of the day I found her…

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