Saturday, 13 October 2012

Invisible guacamole...

SO, I had this fantastic plan (meaning that I did a little bit of thinking for this post) and took beautiful photos, planned ahead and it seems that now I have no way of downloading the photos so that I can post it for you….boo hoo.

BUT, let's pretend that it is invisible and that you can imagine the fabulous avocado green sprinkled with the pink and white of red onions and mixed with those sweet and bursting with juices home grown cherry tomatoes…can you see it?

I generally use, 2 avocados (ripe of course), half a smallish red onion (chopped finely) about 5 cherry tomatoes chopped into little pieces, a squeeze of lime/lemon to taste, ground of black pepper and a pinch of salt. If you feel like going spicy, add some drops of tabasco or even cut a red chilli…yum

Mix all together, I don´t like mashing my avocado up too much as it reminds me of old people food (not a pleasant image!)  so more like rustic homemade….chill and serve….fabulouso. Can you see it? Can you??

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