Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Double coconut and banana muffins

Sounds quite extravagant but let me tell you something…they are delicious and so easy to make…I first came across the recipe here and then adapted it as I didn´t have some of the ingredients…

2 bananas instead of yoghurt
½ cup of coconut oil
1 egg
roughly ⅓ of dark brown sugar instead of granulated

After having mashed everything together add handful of dehydrated coconut and 95g or ¾ cup of all purpose flour and 60g or ½ cup of wholewheat flour.

I also add a good helping of ground nutmeg instead of vanilla that the original recipe asked for.

I don´t have muffin cases nor did I have any baking paper but luckily a week ago in a sale I bought 1000 patti papers…as an English girl I have no idea what 'pattis' are but they work perfectly to make muffins in and look almost like fairy wings cuddling the yummy cakes!

Before the coconut sprinkling and after….yumm. Now just pop in oven for about 20minutes on 200 or until it comes out clean if you put a knife in it!

Nice and golden and if I do say so myself…DELICIOUS!!!

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