Sunday, 3 November 2013

Kale Chips

Now, I know that these green pieces of crispiness are around everywhere and it was a massive trend about 6 months ago but it's about time to make your own. Store bought is dry and full of bad stuff {surprise surprise}

Kale chips are the easy-peasy-no-hassle to make with only one thing you should worry about. Timing. There have been many a time where I've checked them and thought 'oh, just 1 more minute. I've got time to do this' and poof! Hello big pan of burnt kale chips. Very sad indeed.

Kale is fully packed vitamin and anti-oxident brassica that you want to start eating. If you already eat it, eat more! It's a great source of Iron, Vit K and is fab for cardio vascular support.  There are plenty of types from curly to cavelo negro. Any of the varieties are good for you but the best one for crisps is the curly.

These crisps are a healthy, tangy snack. You get to chose your spice {my preference is cayenne} and it takes all of 6 minutes. Make sure your kale is clean and dry. If the pieces are still wet from washing they won't crisp up and it'll be a waste of time.

I just break off pieces of the leaves and pop onto a baking tray. You kind of want bite size pieces, easy to pop into your mouth! Simply drizzle with oil {I use coconut} and not too much then sprinkle over some chunky salt and your desired spice. Give it all a good mix and make sure the leaves are coated then pop into a pre-heated overn at 190C. Stand by your oven! Do not move, check after 5 minutes and see how crispy they are. If at all they go brown, take them out immediately. It really is a case of 'take your eye of the ball and you lose'.


  1. Oddly, I just tried cinnamon last week, with almond oil, to much approval.
    Must try warming/melting some coconut oil and using that next time too...
    Good stuff how is HCB?

  2. UNC!! Where are you? I'm im Ireland..having an awesome time bit cold..Surpirse! Heading to Mex 7th dec...will I see you?Hope you're well.x

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