Monday, 2 September 2013

Honey Suckle Cordial

Summer is almost over. The 1st September appeared out of nowhere with bad weather to boot that said 'winter is a-comming'. This recipe is literally made of summer and will have you re-opening the sealed bottle for a whiff of sunshine. The colour of the cordial depends on the colour of the flowers you use so maybe make some of both colours, quickly, before the season is over.

Sent the flowers to make cordial for a shoot with these talented ladies I had to go foraging for extra and ended up with more pinky rose flowers which then turned the cordial into a sunset pink haze tinged with gold. Similar to the elderflower cordial I did a couple of months ago but inspired by this amazing blog, it is so easy and made me so happy. There are some things that are so simple but so beautiful and this my friends, is one of them.


4 cups of honeysuckle flowers
600g of sugar
24fl oz of boiling water
1 tsp citric acid
1 lemon sliced finely

Slice the lemon and put into a bucket/big pot with the honeysuckle flowers. Sprinkle the sugar over and pour over measured boiling water. This makes about 800mls.

Easy peasy.


  1. Wow, beautiful! Unfortunately, I neglected my honeysuckle this year so was unable to use any but this sounds amazing :-)

  2. I can smell this from here...and it smells fabulous!

  3. Very nice post and your cordial looks awesome. Nice to see a blog including some foraging posts.

  4. Thanks Evan, I've a few more on foraging…get ready for some nettle pesto to come your way soon!

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