Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Coriander and chilli crusted fish

This week has been long and busy and it's only Wednesday. Oh gosh, help. My weekend was spent in the heart of the British countryside at one of my oldest friends wedding. What an amazing couple of days, happiness and love. That, was definitely the theme of the wedding!

So after a weekend of heavy eating (and drinking) it's only right to have something simple and clean to eat. This recipe takes such little time to prep and you can easily mix it up (see the end of recipe). It can be dressed up to look fancy for supper guests or if you're by yourself it will feel like something special.

I use any type of white fish I feel like. This particular one is sea bass  but, like I said. I use it on everything from sole to cod. I'm mainly trying to keep my recipes vegetarian (easily turned to vegan) and gluten free but sometimes a recipe comes into my brain that is too yummy. This is one of them.

I use coriander (fresh or dried) a lot, but I just love the stuff. Love it, love it, love it! Fresh is great but make sure you give it a good smell before you buy, don't worry about looking like a weirdo in the shop, as the more fragrant usually means it has a good flavour. If you can find it with it's roots still attached, even better. Used as a digestive aid for thousands of years, it's been found in Egyptian tombs and is most commonly thought of as indigenous to Mediterranean parts of Asia and Africa. It's a natural diuretic and helps purify the blood and strengthen the heart.

Parsley. Such a simple and over looked herb. Did you know that there are over 37 different varieties? I only knew about three or four until researching! This is one of those great purifying and protective herbs which is fantastic for digestive problems. In it's raw form it cleanses the blood, facilitates the dispersing of small-medium kidney stones and can treat deafness and ear infections. Pretty neat huh?! It also has a  high chlorophyll content which means it's good for that bad breath you may or may not get.

3 medium fillets of fish
large handful of coriander, stalks and all
large handful of parsley, stalks and all
2 red chillies (use less if you're not sure about heat)
3 garlic cloves
good glug of olive oil
salt and pepper
options: good piece of fresh ginger, lemon grass, harissa, 

Clean fillets and lay them on baking parchment on a tray. Get the oven on at 200C. In a food processor blitz all ingredients (minus the fish) till a chunky sauce consistency. Split between three pieces. If using less fish then make the same quantity of sauce, blitz the remaining till smooth and you have a tasty and different pesto. Or if you have more fish but can't make more sauce, add more olive oil and spread it out.
Put into the hot oven till fish is cooked (more or less 15mins).

Serve with a refreshing salad.


  1. I really like the way you post your recipes and the pics!

  2. Wow, what a compliment especially from someone who's blog I admire so much. Thank you. Hope to meet you soon and get on one of your tours :)

  3. Thanks for posting this. It was a tasty looking recipe. And I liked your pix, too!