Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Veggie food

So, without even thinking about it I mainly eat veggie...but. There are those times for me where a big steak is heaven. A little slice of magical fills you up, gives you energy among other things!

But this week I've been trying my luck out with a vegetarian lasagne. Now I am not a huge fan of lasagne as it is, so trying to make it now seems a little crazy but, make it I did. Twice!

The first time was a lentil and courgette lasagne and this one (photos) is a chickpea, aubergine and chile poblano...has a lovely kick to it!

If anyone has any other good combos for a veggie lasagne please share!

I like making my aubergines stripey, the skin is always so tough and yet I quite like the bitter taste it the effect is nice!

The base for the tomato sauce, now I didn´t do a bechamel...bad girl I am. But sometimes you just don´t have the time! I didn´t have any onions so I used spring onions...I didn´t have enough of one kind of tomatoes so I added these deliciously sweet yellow tomatoes...

Ok, here goes the layering...tomato sauce, aubergine step 1

mmmm...chili poblano, chickpeas and homemade ricotta cheese!

The finished produce...with a chunk out of it. I had to make sure it was ok didn´t I??

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